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Colibri Spindles, based in the Lavon Industrial Park, questioned what if many complex manufacturing operations could be performed with a single machine? The manufacture of complex components for the medical and aerospace industries requires cutting edge machines – and a lot of them. The demand for increasingly small and complex products has increased the need for specialized machines

such that the machine-tool market has grown by almost 30% in the last 3 years, to over 20 billion Euros in Europe alone.

This growing complexity in the production process has also made it more difficult for smaller businesses to compete. Clients now expect machines capable of achieving unique surface modifications at microscopic level – something that has, up until now, required several different machines.

Colibri Spindles, established a decade ago in the Lavon Industrial Park, is a world leader in the development of spindle technology, specializing in high-speed, accurate and durable spindles.  Pooling research resources with the German-based METROM company and assisted by the world famous Fraunhofer Research Institute, the company succeeded in developing a tool capable of completing a wide range of finishing applications- the ‘fluid-driven’ spindle.

Manufacturers can now carry out complex finishing procedures without stopping production to replace machines, reducing production time by up to 70%.

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