The Industrial Parks are industrial development centers based on the principles of excellence and top-quality work environment. The six Industrial Parks founded by Stef Wertheimer - Tel Hai, Dalton, Lavon, Nazareth, and Omer - bring together clean, safe, and efficient manufacturing, vocational education and training, high living standards for workers and their families, and peaceful co-existence between Jews and Arabs.
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Areas for rent in the industrial parks

מבנה ומשרדים להשכרה תפן כרמיאל
Path 4
731 m2
In Tefen
מבנה תעשייה אולם ייצור ממוזג
מבנה תעשייה להשכרה
Path 4
1230 m2
In Tel Hai
1,230 sqm New Buildings Completed to "Shell" standard
מבנה תעשייה להשכרה
Path 4
1010 m2
In Omer
Industrial Space Available ("Shell Standard") 1,010 sqm
משרדים להשכרה נצרת
Path 4
900 m2
In Nazareth
Office unit 900 sqm in shell standard
משרדים להשכרה
Path 4
190 m2
In Tefen
Office space, meeting room and kitchenette on the first floor, overlooking park gardens.
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Tefen Model

מבנה תעשייה להשכרה
The Tefen Model for industrial development presents an integral approach for the development of a region. Based on encouraging export industries through the development of industrial parks, the model generates an infrastructure of complementary programs and activities to support sustainable economic and community development. The five key program areas incorporated in this comprehensive approach are: export industries, education, residential environment, culture, and coexistence.

Export Industries - The Tefen Model Industrial Parks were created with the purpose of supporting the development of industrial entrepreneurship in the periphery of Israel. With a distinct focus on the attraction and development of export industries, the Model seeks to encourage entrepreneurs not only create jobs, but also tap extensive international markets with a potential for long-term growth.

Success Stories

Stepac - Rapid Global Growth in Just 10 Years

Located for over 20 years in the Tefen Industrial Park, Stepac has grown from a small medical packaging company to a global supplier of comprehensive quality assurance...

SanDisk Israel Ltd. - a Strategic Global Development Team

The Sandisk Israel Ltd. branch located at Tefen develops a leading product line that accounts for over half of the revenues of the worldwide corporation. Starting with...

Alpha Omega - Brain Science in the Heart of Nazareth

Alpha Omega was founded in 1993 as a small engineering office in Nazareth, by Imad Younis. From this modest beginning, the company has grown to be a...

Plasel - Reaping the Benefits of a Wealth of Experience

Established in 1993 as a mold-making company, Plasel Plastic Ltd. moved operations to the newly opened Lavon Industrial Park in 1998. Over the years, the company has...

Colibri - Innovation for Adaptability

Colibri Spindles, based in the Lavon Industrial Park, questioned what if many complex manufacturing operations could be performed with a single machine? The manufacture of complex components...

News & Events

The IoT Revolution – 10-11/09
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Visit of UNIFIL Major- General with Stef Wertheimer at the Tel Hai Industrial Park
The industrialist Stef Wertheimer hosted the Northern Command Major General Yair Golan and UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Luciano Portolano at...
Tefen Industrial Park was Awarded the “Beauty Flag” and” 5 Beauty Stars” in the Annual Israeli “Beautiful Industry” Competition
by the Council for a Beautiful Israel The "Flag of Beauty" and "5 Beauty Stars" were awarded the Tefen Industrial...
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