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Alpha Omega - Brain Science in the Heart of Nazareth

Alpha Omega was founded in 1993 as a small engineering office in Nazareth, by Imad Younis. From this modest beginning, the company has grown to be a global organization, well known in Israeli industry, as are its dynamic management team- Imad and Reem Younis.

The company now employs some 50 employees and is dedicated to maintaining its roots in the Arab City of Nazareth, where the company headquarters is located in the Nazareth
Industrial Park.

Alpha Omega develops, manufactures and markets medical equipment that enables brain surgeons to accurately navigate within the central nervous system.  Alpha Omega also provides brain researchers with unique, advanced research tools-  offering a wealth of pioneering products with consistent innovation and uncompromising quality of service.

As a global leader in a very innovative field, the company maintains its success by working in close cooperation with world-renowned experts and leading research institutes. Today, two decades since its inception, Alpha Omega continues to lead the industry in the field of functional neurosurgery and brain research with the same purpose and determination with which it began.

Alpha Omega’s advanced equipment can be found in hospitals, universities, and research institutes world-wide and is used daily in hundreds of operating rooms and research laboratories by doctors and leading scientists in the field.

The company boasts not only innovative technology development, but also an exceptional level of service. Alpha Omega’s teams in the United States, Germany, and Israel, along with a select group of international partners, offer continued advice and support wherever needed.

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