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MasteRound - The Highest Global Quality, Produced Locally

MasteRound was established in the Dalton Industrial Park in 2005.
Part of the IMC group, the plant was aimed to develop employment in the Dalton area and to recruit and train a local skilled workforce, to allow the group to expand production.

MasteRound manufactures premium solid carbide endmills of unmatched quality. Products are made with the highest degree of accuracy, and both standard and specially tailored milling solutions are sold to leading manufacturing industries worldwide.

MasteRound is committed to pro-actively recruiting local residents from all local communities.  Indeed, the plant manager is a local resident and a veteran IMC employee.   Two rounds of rapid expansion of the plant were achieved by the pro-active recruitment and training of local residents, who completed courses in automated production over the period of a year.

Today, MasteRound employs around 120 production employees from the Jewish, Arab, Druze, and Circassian communities in the region.

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