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Pilo - a Global Leader in the Field of CNC Bicycle Parts

A bike’s derailleur “hanger” is the small part, connected to the chassis that holds the rear gear shift. It functions as a “fuse”- as a strategically placed weak link to protect the chassis. If the rear gear shift becomes damaged, the hanger will snap, avoiding damage to the chassis itself.

Pilo, an Israeli company operating from the Tefen Industrial Park, is a world leader specializing in the CNC manufacture of a wide variety of hangers for most bike models. Pilo markets all over the world, whereby 85% of production is for export, mainly to Europe.

The people behind Pilo are Oron and Hila Pilo, who have built the company up from scratch over the last few years.  Oron learned manufacturing from his father.  As an enthusiastic cyclist from a young age, he discovered that when something broke he would need to “wait for the container” for a few months. In 2004 Oron’s father began to produce for the country’s leading bicycle retailers. In 2005 and Oron and Hila launched a new company – “Pilo”, began to manufacture independently for the cycling market. Hila began selling online through eBay, and then expanded markets to include distributors all over the world.

The heart of the business area was and remains the derailleur hangers.  Nevertheless, Pilo are
diversifying to other products to improve the access of cyclists to as many quality
parts as possible.

In 2013 Oron and Hila relocated the company to the North of Israel, escaping and the problems of a lack of parking, restricted space for loading products for shipping and other Municipal issues. Wanting more space- the couple decided to move the company to the Tefen Industrial Park in the Western Galilee.  After reading the book about Stef Wertheimer “The Man Behind the Machine”, Oron was impressed by the book’s description of the disadvantages of locating in the center of the country, and the benefits of the North. They visited Tefen and fell in love with the place. In the Tefen Industrial Park they enjoy the convenience of lower costs and infrastructure and facilities that suit their company.  The company met one of the principle requirements needed to be accepted into the Industrial Park – production for export.  The transition was not easy- but after a period of adjustment the whole family are happy with the move.

In five years time, Hila and Oren expect Pilo to be larger and more diverse- producing an ever-increasing number of new parts for cyclists.

They have great optimism and a lot of room to grow – to handle any product that can improve cycling through the precise capabilities of CNC and the highest quality of aeronautical aluminum, and to expand their markets worldwide.

(Based on an article by Guy Halamish , “BIKEPANEL”, 30/1/2013).

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